Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Classroom - During

Here are a few pics of the during process in my room. It's still on going, but at least it's starting to look nice. These were actually taken that same first day - just right before we left for the day.

Here is A, my oldest, finally getting over the spiders. Taking down my friends word wall so I can pass it on to the new teacher that will be in my old room.

Here is the worst of it. My room pretty much looked like this from this first day (about a week and a half ago) until just yesterday. The pile just got shifted around and around and around and around...

At the end of the first day there I did get my whole group area somewhat together. Of course it's change a little even since then:)

And my bee-u-tiful desks. I seriously LOVE them! They were totally inspired by Kristen over at Ladybug's Teacher Files. This is all the ones covered in blue. I had to switch to green because I ran out of blue paper - not ideal, but it works. Especially since the contact paper was F.R.E.E. I found it in another teacher friend's closet (while looking for something else) and asked if I could have some - she gave it all to me!

And he is one completely done - with black electrical tape around the edges. Even that was pretty cheap - it took 4 rolls to do 24 desks and I paid $.75 for a 2 roll pack on clearance at Home Depot.
And lastly my new clip chart. I love this too. I've seen them all over the internet lately - I could probably list a few webstie here, but really if you just Google "behavior clip chart" you will get tons of info. Last year I used a card system, which I liked, using green, yellow, orange, and red cards. By the end of the year I was thinking that I would add blue for a step up for my really good kids - then I found this idea and I liked it so much that I just had to switch. Also if the kids get up to the purple "outstanding" area they will add a jewel to their clip. I haven't figured out all the specifics just yet - because even though school starts Monday, the kinders don't start until next week, so I have a little more time to get it all together:)

I just made mine from construction paper and printed out words. I know that ClutterFree Classroom printed hers as a (free) banner from VistaPrint. Also, I had tons of questions about the font when I was in the work room laminating it. The font is Wish I were taller from

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