Monday, August 1, 2011

My Classroom - After....

Well, it's not totally done. but cosmetically it looks OK. I still have some final sorting and organizing. And I haven't put ANYTHING on the walls yet. The only things up are those that were left by my friend. We're doing student assessments this week (by appointment) and then class lists on Thurs and Parent Orientation on Friday. I have a few things I need to have ready by Friday morning, but other than that I will have to finish up on Friday afternoon and then after school next week - as the kinders have 1/2 days M-Th and then our first full day on Friday. After that it's business as usual. So effectively I have another week to out the finishing touches on the room.

So here we go - counter clockwise around the room starting from the front door. (Just try to ignore the last of the boxed in the whole group area...oh, and the paper bags on the counter are my children's school supply over-flow that were taken to their classrooms this morning.)

My gosh the walls look bare:) Somehow looking at it in photos makes it more obvious.
And can I just say - I LOVE my contact paper covered desks! They look so loverly. And I can almost over look the fact that they are totally uneven and some even rock a little. And if I had it my way I would not have tennis balls on everything, but my floors (and the head custodian) would never forgive me.
My room was the first stop for all the assessments today and I had lots of kids and parents in and out and the contact paper held up well, so we'll see how it goes once the students are in the room all day every day.

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